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Feedback from parents

ySafe’s education session was the most useful and interesting presentation I have attended on anything, anywhere, and provided the most sensible, practical and realistic advice that I have seen presented about any other topic. Your message is vitally important for all families.

Waverley College Parent

The digital education curriculum was extremely effective, easy to implement and the students and staff found it extremely innovative. We loved how ySafe used language that kids related to in the lessons, as well as creative ways to teach subjects where kids feel they "know it all." It has had real impact for our students, and staff found it particularly easy to use as they accessed it all via the ySafe partner schools platform online.

Head of College, Pittwater House

Jordan presented the workshop in a 'parent friendly' format covering many hot topics related to cyber safety information. It was fantastic to get extra insight into the topic by Jordan using her psychology background. The tips for how to set boundaries with your children was most helpful. It was also a bonus that Jordan was younger as she is very much 'in touch' with all of this due to her age and her profession. Well done an informative, well presented workshop.

Scotch College Parent

The Cyber Safety Hub is fantastic along with the webinars that are available to parents around the clock. If any parents have concerns about a safety issue, the staff have resources to refer to and they can also guide parents to look at the hub.

Ben Milward, Deputy Headmaster
St George’s School